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From Humble Origins to World Domination: A Love Story

A world traveler from the date of his birth, DA Dude, DAveD to his friends, has been on the go from as far back as he can remember.  His latest series of failed adventures landed him in the cold concrete confines of the country’s greatest metropolis.  From here, he braves the wind, the rain, the thronging masses and careening traffic to eke out a living on the mean streets of his stalwart home.  So far he’s managed to keep his head above water.  So far he continues to breathe.  So far, so good.

Gnashing his teeth at those fortunate souls who consider themselves his betters, who chose wisely the less perilous path to eternal happiness, our hero braves the elements and the public transit system in the hopes that someday he’ll join the ranks of those blessed beings and their carefree life in the city in the clouds.  But until that day, he continues to strive for inanity, inconsequence and the American way.

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