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Hilarity Unfound: The Missed Opportunity for Comedy in the Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

Posted by on February 2, 2015

Like most of America, I watched the Super Bowl. Also like most of America, I watch for the commercials as much as for the game. This oftentimes leads to the common conundrum of “when do I go to the bathroom?” Not this year. This year, the answer was clear: during the commercials.

Usually the Super Bowl commercials are quite a good time, made up of hilarious future classics with a few heart-wrenchers thrown in for good measure. This broadcast on the other hand was more sentiment than comedy. Clearly somebody missed the memo. Sentiment sticks, but comedy lives forever.

Sentiment is good for a momentary twang of the heartstrings, but I’m still talking about the Sprite commercial with the hard-core urban thugs who turn out to be posers filming an energy drink commercial. THAT is advertising with staying power.

One after another, the commercials for the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX demanded the formation of a lump in your throat and to be viewed through misty eyes. Whether it be about fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, or horses and a dog, these top advertisers desperately wanted you to weep your way through the commercial break. And a solid 80% of these commercials were for automobiles!! What the hell?!?!  And don’t get me started about the dead kid in the insurance commercial.

And when did the NFL turn into a giant PSA?! I suppose if they could get their players to stop beating up their wives and girlfriends, carrying firearms, arranging dog fights, or participating in various other illegal activities, there wouldn’t be a need to fill the most expensive air time of the year with unpaid public service announcements about actually obeying the law.

So to provide a balm to your unfulfilled yearning for advertising hilarity, I present, in no particular order, my own personal list of the most memorable and hilarious advertising spots. I salute you advertising geniuses behind these hilarious creations. Please, I beg you, keep fighting the good fight and get that guffaw-inducing spot of yours made! I need you.  The Super Bowl needs you.  America needs you.


Television Advertising at Its Best

1. Sprite – What’s My Motivation?


2. Snickers – Who Are the Chefs?


3. SportsCenter – Oregon Duck


4. Got Milk? – Aaron Burr


5. Volkswagen – The Force


6. Staples – Most Wonderful Time of the Year


7. Levi’s – Doctors


8. Bud Light – Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius


Bonus: All the original Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius radio advertising spots. You’re welcome, America.

I hope this has helped.  I know I feel better.  Here’s hoping for a better crop of commercial comedy next year.  But then what will we do about the bathroom conundrum?  Here’s hoping for a blowout.  The game, I mean, not…never mind…


What are your favorite TV commercials? Let us know in the comments below!


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